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We Offer Electrical Vehicle Charging & Energy Storage Systems

5kW to 10kW
Bi-Directional Power System
5kWh to 10kWh
Energy Storage System
33kW Energy Storage
Energy &
Management System
• Designed for residential and small commercial applications
• Combines all functions in a single unit
• Solar PV inverter
• Whole house battery backup inverter
• Electrical vehicle charger
• Power quality corrector
• Energy meter
• Smart grid distributed energy resource
• Designed for residential and small commercial applications
• NiZn battery technology
• LED panel display
• Compact & wall mountable
• Easy to install
• Safer than lithium and most competitors
• Life cycle at 10% DoD: Estimated 10,000 cycles
• Compatible with Modbus and smart devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Cloud)
• Commercial industrial application
• Lithium-ion and flow battery options
• 480VAC
• 400-800 VDC
• AFE Inverter + Dual Active DC-DC Bridge
• CAN, Ethernet, ModBus Communications




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